move to scottsdale

move to scottsdale

It's Better In The Desert
Why Live in Scottsdale? Let’s Get Started!
Are you from out of state and considering a move to Arizona? Have you known about Scottsdale for a while and you’re looking to get your feet wet (or dry) with information? Maybe you’re already...
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Looking to sell your current home?
Are you moving from out of state; looking to sell your current home? Do you need a hand finding a qualified and trustworthy agent to sell your current home? I have contacts around the country...
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Neighborhoods in Scottsdale
Do you want to live in the heart of retail and nightlife? Maybe tucked into the base of mountains with your closest neighbor being a roadrunner is more your style. Or perhaps in a magnificent...
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More House For Your Dollar!

You simply get more house for your dollar in AZ, compared to CA. Comparing average cost of living in The Phoenix Metro Area, and Los Angeles, it’s thrice cheaper to live in Arizona. Housing as the main component of the cost of living is three times cheaper here. Take it from someone who knows. I moved here from The Bay Area in 2002 and have been watching the real estate market the entire time. The one constant? It’s always more bang for your buck in Arizona. The other constant? Freedom, freedom, and more freedom! You can ask me about all that freedom in an email 😉 .

The median price of a home sold in Scottsdale is $423,700. Compare that to $1,364,300 in San Francisco and the difference is almost palpable. But it gets better! The average home value in Scottsdale is currently at $532,275 which means…equity! I encourage you to see what $500,000 gets you in Scottsdale and what it would get you in S.F.. Then do the same for $1.36m! Hey, I’ll even send you listings and do that work for you, just ask me to in an email.

 CNN’s Cost of Living Calculator estimates that a salary of $100,000 in San Francisco will buy you the same as roughly $50,000 in The Phoenix Metro Area (as shown below). The same $100k salary in San Diego amounts to $65,000 in The Phoenix Metro Area. This is because the cost of groceries, housing, utilities, transportation, and health care are significantly less in Arizona. Click here to find out why Scottsdale is so great!

comparable salary in Phoenix to San Francisco. Cheaper to live in Phoenix. More bang for your buck in Phoenix
What the heck is a BINSR?
Want to buy and home and have the necessary repairs done for you?! Let me tell you about the BINSR and what the 10 day...
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